Currently we feel a rising apathy nearing outright hostility towards the status of women. From the defunding of Domestic Violence shelters and legal aid, to the blind eye the criminal justice system turn towards male violence against women, women always firstly held responsible for the injustices done against them and the last to receive the equal considerations of human rights due to us. We want more for ourselves, for our daughters to live in dignity and safety and not to have to suffer under the removal of our inalienable rights as we are currently seeing.

  • It is unjust that a woman’s access to healthcare depends on which state
    or territory she resides in.
  • It is unjust that one punch laws were introduced immediately after a few
    deaths, but over 70 women were murdered last year and no policy
    changes in sight.
  • It is unjust that the minimal budgets currently offered to domestic
    violence shelters are being scrapped.
  • It is unjust that paid parental leave is treated as a luxury and not a basic
    need of human family life on this earth.
  • It is unjust that industries dominated by women are paid significantly
    less than male dominated industries. Teaching, nursing, childcare and
    administrative services are all essential services.
  • It is unjust that older women are left in poverty and homeless after
    raising your countries children – 1 in 3 women retire with no
    superannuation at all.
  • It is unjust that the aboriginal women have lower life expectancy, higher
    rates of violence and higher levels of poverty in their own land.
  • It is unjust that our daughters are growing up in a climate of sexual
    harassment and rape growing exponentially by the proliferation of
    pornography and the legalisation of prostitution, which has had the
    effect of increasing human trafficking in Australia.
  • It is unjust that women who have raised this nations children face
    poverty and homelessness in retirement.
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