1. Freedom of choice for women: Every woman should be able to decide about her body! This includes the way we look, the way we seek pleasure, if and when we want to have children, among other choices we make about our own bodies. Together we strive to build cultures of consent and self-determination. Our body is our choice!

2. Economic self-determination: We demand universal basic income, so that women can live free from poverty, precarity, and economic dependency on men! We demand equal salary for equal work! No more free housework and exploitation! We urge the state to help poor women instead of taking away their children!

3. Legal instruments in place: We demand immediate ratification of the Istanbul Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence. Hugary has not ratified the convention yet!

4. Reproductive rights: We demand free and safe abortion, access to affordable contraception, full access to emergency contraception (the morning-after pill), and universal sexual education! Access to adequate medical treatment needs to be assured for poor and homeless women, who are being neglected by the state!

5. Education: We demand diversity education at every level, from kindergarten to university! We want the public education system and its workers to be inclusive for LGBTQI persons, foster critical thinking, and become a crucial component of preventing bullying, sexism, racism, and gender-based violence.

♀ We take the streets to raise our voices against:

1. Racism: We say NO! to institutional oppression and discrimination of women based on skin color!

2. Borders: All women, regardless of their race, religion, or citizenship, should be able to unite in the fight for our rights. We demand freedom of movement and right to asylum! We protest police and state violence at the borders and in detention centers! We say no to deportations! We will dismantle your fences! Women united will never be defeated!

3. Fascism: The loud fascist language pouring out of the media, the border control regimes, and anti-migrant politics will not silence us! We are here to resist it! We will not let fascists take the streets!

4. Transphobia: All women, regardless of their assigned gender at birth, should be united! Our feminism is always a trans-inclusive feminism!

5. Violence: In the wake of femicide (hundreds of women are murdered everyday) and pervasive rape culture (thousands of women are exposed to sexual harassment) we will exercise our right to self-defense! Our bodies are not your battlefields! We reclaim our bodies and courage to protect our lives!

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